My Experiences from Life: Things I learned so Far

So if you read my about me page you will know I am 26 years old (as of today Mar, 2015) and there have been many answers I read on Quora about people by people who talk about life in general. And I have always wondered about how these people come up with brilliant examples that happened in their lives surrounding people and amazing experiences to learn from.

Till age 16 (my class 10 in school) I had no clue about who I am, why I am and never gave a thought about what I wanted. I just lived and I believe my mind was not matured enough to give a damn about "life" or thinking too much about it. But today as I look back I feel I have left out many good memories from which I could have learned a lot but didn’t.

High School – Senior Years

High School – Senior Years in India means, the last two years of school life ie. class 11 and 12. The most important years in your life, which shapes the very foundation on which your life will be based upon. Things done right this time will benefit your entire life. I wish I wrote a dairy since there were so many amazing memories linked within these 2 years.

Here are few things I remember people like me having experienced in those years…

  1. You have started realizing that you can fall in love, but you are too scared to express your feelings to your crush, because you are nowhere near to the type of buddies she hangs out with.
  2. Learned that people fake friendships to get things done for themselves, and you are also doing the same.
  3. Get shit scared since certain things about life starts to make sense, and its too late to fix some mistakes you’ve done past few years  and you are going to be an adult in few months.
  4. Understand that no one cares about you and people somehow care only about themselves and it doesn’t matter how they achieve what they want.
  5. Your teachers are supposed to be your biggest support, but they cater only to the students who are very popular or study at their tuitions.
  6. You are judged by how smart, pretty, cool, handsome, skilled you already are and not by how much you could have been.
  7. Your parents are at their mid-life/ retirement crisis, so no point talking to them. They wont understand, they are from a different generation and only care about your marks.
  8. Some classmates are so shitty that they will make sure you have a tough day every day throughout the rest of your school life. They will find a weakness you have and make sure to exploit it fully to their entertainment.
  9. But, then you will get friends whom you’d never expect to be friends with. They start to hangout with you, take care of you and be there for you even when you will least expect it. Because of them your life suddenly feels great again and you gain some self-confidence.
  10. Some girls in your class, and junior classes have started taking interest in you and wants to be friends. And you feel so proud of yourself that you slam a big public NO on their face since it will make you look cool in front of your friends.
  11. But by then, you realize and year has passed and you have studied nothing, your know nothing, your scores are terrible, your preparation for the oncoming war of the XII exams are almost zero and you have 1 year left. So what do you do?
  12. You think 1 year is a long time so you relax, because you know you are smart and have picked up concepts very easily past few years. And you are able to grasp everything in the the teachings in school, tuitions and JEE coaching center.
  13. But somehow you just manage to pass in the mid term exams, and you still know nothing. Why? well because you were busy gossiping about so much stuff you always wanted to.
  14. You learn how to lie to your parent about everything and bunk tuitions, coaching classes and just to play football or cricket or go to the friends house to chill out.
  15. By then you probably had your first smoke and beer. Oh what a thrill. Often times you feel sad why are not as cool as the popular kids at school, but soon realize all the reasons why you are not. It hurts and feels unacceptable.
  16. You have already understood that the IIT/NIT/BIT dreams are far from reality, and you somehow have to manage to do with your last hope the 12 board exams and the state colleges entrance exams.


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